Structural Metal Buildings

What type of metal buildings are there?

There are two types of Buildings “Stand Alone” buildings and “Attachment” buildings. A Stand Alone building is any building in a project that does not attach to any other building in the same project. The first building entered in a new project is always a Stand Alone building because there are no other building to which it could attach. A Stand Alone building can be added to the project and located so that it does not interfere with other buildings in the project. Attachment An Attachment is a building which will attach to any other building in the project. An attachment can be a Lean-to, single slope or gabled building. Attachments can be made Endwall-to-Endwall, Sidewall-to-Sidewall, Endwall-to-Sidewall or Sidewall-to-Endwall. The frames of an attachment that is a lean-to must line up with the columns lines of the building to which it attaches. Any other building type can attach to another building anywhere along the wall to which it attaches.

What type of of industry could a metal building be used for?

  • Agriculture/Live Stock Facilities
  • Aviation
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Commercial Structures
  • Churches
  • Heavy Industrial Structures
  • Institutional Structures
  • Manufacturing
  • Recreational Structure
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses

Primarily there are 23 components:

  1. Eave Strut
  2. Frame Rafter
  3. Ridge Cap
  4. Gable Trim
  5. Corner Column
  6. Endwall Girt
  7. Endwall Rafter
  8. Endwall Columns
  9. Corner Trim
  10. Walk Door
  11. Sidewall Girt
  12. Frame Column
  13. Rod Bracing
  14. Purlins
  15. Window
  16. Gutter or Eave Trim
  17. Frame Opening Jamb
  18. Jamb Trim
  19. Downspout
  20. Framed Opening Header
  21. Door Head Trim
  22. Roof Slope
  23. Ridge Vent


Metal Buildings 101



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