Structural Steel Buildings

What are the benefits of having a steel building?

Steel buildings are an extremely flexible option when it comes to contractors and builders. The immediate benefits of having us install a steel building for you is, we offer customization and a quick turnaround. But there are obviously other benefits when it comes down to the difference of steel vs. wood; steel buildings are generally maintenance free, are energy efficient, are non-combustible (lower insurance rates typically), and are expandable due to the material being designed for expansion. Some of the disadvantages of using wood would be: water leaks, highly combustible, termites, and not designed for expansion.

What type of of industry could a steel building be used for?

  • Agriculture/Live Stock Facilities
  • Aviation
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Commercial Structures
  • Churches
  • Heavy Industrial Structures
  • Institutional Structures
  • Manufacturing
  • Recreational Structure
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses

Below is an example of a steel building that we erected for a company called Taylor Made Golf in Henderson, Las Vegas.


To view more of our steel building erection work, click the link!