Does a metal building have to look like a metal building?

Today’s metal building systems look much different than have in the past. Metal buildings are extremely versatile, and can incorporate many different architectural finishes to provide the look required for applications such as churches, schools, shopping centers, office buildings and casinos. Metal building systems have significant cost advantages over many other building types.

What are some of the cost advantages of a metal structure?

  • Building with metal allows for a faster turn-around rate, saving both time AND money.
  • Metal construction offers more design flexibility and versatility when compared against more traditional materials such as wood or concrete.
  • Star metal buildings and products require MUCH less long term maintenance.
  • Star also offers a long line of products that are considered environmentally safe and also economically friendly.
  • You are able to choose from multiple silhouettes, finishes, and colors to make your building just right.
  • Lastly, these metal buildings can be used in-conjunction with other traditional building materials.

It is a well-known fact that a Star Building System is a building system that lasts. Founded in 1927, Star Building Systems have seen and done it all. Once a supplier of tool sheds for oil derrick drillign sites in the early oil boom days to air hangars during World War II. So, if you’re planning a particular building project and you want to ensure the fullest security, then Star Building Systems are your first call. The fact of the matter is, Star gives you options – and we are talking LOTS of options.

Some of the customization that you can do to your metal building?

  • ShadowRib™ Wall Panel – is a concealed fastener wall system that provides performance and compatibility. Clean, contemporary looks are achieved by the 1 ½” deep sculptured profile, embossed texture, and interior attachment. Available in 24 gauge steel and formed into 16″ wide, 3″ deep sections.
  • PBR Roof and Wall Panels – PBR is a 36″ wide panel that works well for roof and wall, as well as liner, mansard and soffit panel applications. Its 1 ¼” deep ribs create an even-shadowed appearance and the area between the ribs is reinforced with minor ribs. The attachment of the panel is made from
  • the exterior with color matched fasteners. Available in 26 and 24 gauge.
  • AVP Wall Panel – AVP is a 36″ wide panel with semi-concealed fasteners. The panel profile produces a decorative shadow line resulting in a distinctive architectural effect. Ribs are 1 1∕8″ deep and major corrugations are spaced 12″ on center. The attachment of the panel is made from the exterior with
  • color matched fasteners. Available in 26 and 24 gauge.

For more information regarding the customization of Star Buildings, check their website out here.

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