What Does It Mean To Be In The Construction Industry?

Well for starters, it is VERY hot in the summer… It means being out on the construction site ensuring that everyone is taking care of what they need too. I guess you could call it micro-managing? I suppose that’s what all of these construction companies go through at some point in their evolution. Talking on the phone and returning e-mails is usually the beginning of the day; to make sure various relationships are maintained and the multiple hats that being an entrepreneur mean. But in a way that words cannot describe, being a part of “something bigger”, becoming and creating something that I’ve been working on for majority of my life… How can you quit on that? How can you give up when things are getting tough, and bills have to be paid, kids have to be fed.. C.S. Lewis once said that “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”

You could say that it’s a lot of “talking on the phone” and “returning e-mails” to potential clients. It’s remarkable and also a phenomenon how much of the technology we used and possess today becomes the main form of communication between them.. However, it has also made possible the connection and link between “that” many more people. There is a new digital frontier that lies ahead of it, and we know that as a company we must also start to progress ourselves online. That means making blogs and increasing awareness over social media.

What Petra Construction has become is nothing short of miraculous. Granted it has taken painstaking effort, all of the projects and companies that we’ve helped shape and build are what keep us going – we are very proud of our accomplishments and can say that we are one of the only companies contracted throughout the West Coast capable of facilitating the needs to construct a Star Building.

Stay tuned, we are constantly trying to work on ways to stayed connected with you guys, as we realize one of the most convenient methods of keeping up-to-date persay, are via social media.

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